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Photographs documenting places of interest from coast to coast and travel abroad.
Parisians enjoying a peaceful day along the River Seine.A warm Paris afternoon being enjoyed by young people casually lounging on the steps beside the Seine River.Charming treat shop at Christmas time in Concord, Massachusetts.Lombard StreetUSS ConstellationRetired Lightship 116 Chesapeake floats in Baltimore's Inner Harbor.Crisscross the CanalThe warm red glow of the iconic Radio City Music Hall sign at night shines over a busy New York City street.A piece from the sepia and color collection Vintage Charm: Chesapeake City documenting a quaint Maryland historic canal town.The iconic Domino Sugars sign atop the 1920s factory on the Baltimore Inner Harbor waterfront.Beauty in the degradation of what once was a bustling casino on New Jersey's Asbury Park boardwalk, a mere architectural shell stands as a reminder of this shore town's past splendor.

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