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Pristine InternationalTop GradeAward winning photograph showing a skyward view of the towering 443 foot tall London Eye, the world's tallest cantilevered observation wheel.Sunlight creeps through a small window to shed light on tools of the trade left to be reclaimed by the elements in an abandoned factory.Award winning photograph documenting the scattering of metal doors left open at varying angles, aged with time and character at the abandoned NVF Factory in Yorklyn, Delaware.Waving FlagsAbstract shapes, fluid motion, crystal clarity and golden reflections of light formed by melting ice cubes.An array of decaying metal lines and shapes standing strong and showing rich character in the history of their many years of use.Admiring the intricate construction and repeating lines of a Baltimore bridge while sailing beneath it.Water spews from a stone fountain in the city of Sausalito.Paint peels from the walls and sunlight timidly filters into this dark, long abandoned factory.Close up of worn duck calls and prized bands.Hardhats MonumentArchitectural structure lifting a high rise train track far overhead.Large abandoned rubber tires with worn and frayed edges grow weary with neglect and the passing of time.Smooth retro lines of a uniquely colored and shaped metal bench twisting around a thick tree trunk.

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