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Born and raised on the shore, salty air, soft sand and the serenity of the sea are part of my DNA. Sitting quietly without another soul in sight, listening to the methodical cresting, crashing and receding of waves, digging my toes into the warm sand while the sun kisses my bare shoulders is my happy place. This is where I feel at one with the universe, and where all is well in my world. This is home. The feelings of happiness, hope and wonder that the seashore instills deep within me are so magical, I'm passionate about creating artwork that invites you into the picture to enjoy this blissful experience along with me.
Aqua PuraThis Way to UtopiaThe SentinelGlide the SwirlTranquilityThe RetreatDune fences leading a sandy path to the Atlantic Ocean on the Jersey Shore.DocksideMorning MajestyPeace TideLate Summer SkyWarm pink hues of a summer sunset over sand dunes between the Barnegat Bay and Atlantic Ocean.Commissioned in 1859, the historic Barnegat Lighthouse still stands proud boasting beautiful panoramic views of Island Beach, Barnegat Bay and Long Beach Island on the beautiful Jersey Shore.Tropical golden and pink sunset over still water and silhouetted palms in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.WindsweptRoll With ItSensory PerceptionA colorful Christmas Eve sunset and a sandy path lead the way to a beautiful tomorrow in the town of Harvey Cedars on the peaceful coast of the Jersey Shore.CadenceView from a Sausalito, California dock looking across the bay toward San Francisco, flanked by a beautifully aged weather-worn wooden planter painted in shades of ocean blue.

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