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In celebration and appreciation of man's best friend, the message of this artwork is surely "SOMETHING TO BARK ABOUT!"

This project was so much fun to work on because it gave me the opportunity to combine my passion for art and design with my love of dogs, and create images that will strike a chord with anyone who has been lucky enough to have a furry best friend...or has ever wanted one.

I've combined photography, digital art, illustration, graphic design and typography mediums along with my own "truisms" inspired by dogs I've loved throughout my life to create a truly unique and purely original collection.

This exhibit is a spin-off of my Bark Remarks™ greeting card line and shares the mission of featuring and giving back to dogs in need. Many of the pups photographed for "Something to Bark About" are rescues or are in need of rescue, and a portion of each of my artwork sales is donated to local shelter animals in need of loving homes.

Learn more about the "Something to Bark About" solo art exhibit turned community-wide event in the news, then take a tail-wagging video tour of the collection!

Prints are available! Please contact Jessica St. Clair Studio to request more information!

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