Cauldron of Creativity Boils Over for Halloween!

October 31, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

My life-long love of Halloween is a passion (ok, bordering on obsession)!  From the feeling of nostalgia that flickering jack-o-lanterns, crunching leaves and the smell of pumpkin-everything stirs up, to imaginations being energized to get creative, I love everything about this horrifying holiday!  

Turning Halloween into a home-made event has always been my specialty.  As a kid I remember pounding on the low keys of my mom's piano while my Fisher Price tape recorder rolled, making my own horror soundtrack to set the mood.  I loved drawing haunted castles out of construction paper with little doors that opened with ghosts lurking inside, making Halloween cards and writing themed poems.  I even won first place in elementary school art class for a little girl pumpkin I made.  At 10 years old, receiving recognition for my artwork and an award of an assortment of art supplies meant more to me than that teacher will ever know.

While we outgrow all sorts of magical things that enchant us as children, I'm thankful the Halloween spirit still lives strong within me through adulthood.  I'm grateful to have an awesome husband who encourages me to unleash my passion and creativity, and the party-ghoulers who embrace celebrating this hair-raising holiday with us!  Here is a video I made for our friends who dared to visit St. Clair Asylum this year!  Enjoy!  (Be sure to watch with the sound on.)


St. Clair Asylum • Halloween 2016




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