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Bam!  In the first two seconds of looking at this public figure's Facebook cover image you’re probably thinking: "There's a busy mom who has figured out how to be healthy and fit!  Wow, she looks awesome, I need to follow this page to learn how she does it!  And I value her expertise because her professional presentation tells me she's intelligent, hard-working and accomplished."

And that is the incredible value of investing in a well-designed cover image to represent your business. 

In her initial cover image, my client had given it her best shot, clipping and pasting and adding text and colors and shapes, but felt the image she was using didn't represent her business and her message in an engaging and professional manner.  So she came to me for help.  By simplifying the layout and focusing on visually conveying the two important elements of her business, her message instantly became clear.  And the tone of her page became professional.

So take a look at the cover image on your business page and think about your visitors' two second reaction.  Do they get it?  Is it interesting enough to linger on for a few more seconds?  Are they so impressed with the quality of images, content and presentation that it's worth a scroll down to see what you're posting?  If you answered "yes," fantastic, you have an outstanding cover image that conveys you pay attention to detail in everything you do, and tells customers and clients they're in for a great experience working with you!  But don't fear, those who are shaking their heads and saying "no way, my cover image is a hot mess!"  I can help you step up your social media presentation with a powerful cover image that conveys the creativity and professionalism your business deserves!


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