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TranquilityTranquilityA lifeguard stand proudly waves an American flag and peacefully overlooks the aqua blue water of the Atlantic Ocean as a dolphin swims by along the shore of Ocean City, Maryland. It's so important in this busy world, in our hectic lives, to step back and just breathe.  To step away from our anxious thoughts of the many tasks that need to be accomplished when days just never seem to have enough hours, and realize that in this moment there are so many incredible gifts that could easily be missed because we are too preoccupied to notice them.  Think about how the breeze feels on your face right now.  How the sun warms your skin at this very moment.  Tune in to the sounds that surround you, like a distant symphony of nature, machines, and conversation, and then listen closely to the gentle rising and falling of your own breath.  Take a moment to just "be" and enjoy the tranquility from within.  When you're centered, it's effortless to see and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you, your persona exudes a cheerful serenity, and your state of well being becomes contagious!  

This photo was taken on the dazzling beach of Ocean City, MD.  Although surrounded by a cacophony of noises and activity, being centered allowed me to appreciate and capture the grace and tranquility of this perfect moment.



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